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5 Considerations for your cloud adoption

Embracing the cloud results in an accumulation of cloud services. To successfully implement a hybrid cloud strategy, it is crucial to establish a cohesive hybrid cloud platform architecture that offers a range of cloud services.

1.  The people and operations challenge: This challenge addresses the fragmentation of cloud expertise and disjointed working methods that can occur when adopting the cloud. To master hybrid cloud, it is essential to cultivate teams of knowledgeable and creative individuals who can work efficiently across the platform. By designing streamlined workflows and evolving a unified hybrid cloud operating model, the objective of establishing a cohesive architecture is further supported.
2.  The security challenge: Cloud adoption, particularly in a multicloud environment, increases the vulnerability to security breaches. To overcome this challenge, mastering hybrid cloud involves developing a comprehensive security program that guides business initiatives, optimizes security resources, and fosters a security-first culture. By implementing robust security measures and incorporating them into the hybrid cloud architecture, the objective of a cohesive and secure platform is reinforced.
3.  The financial challenge: Adopting the cloud often entails managing multiple individual cloud bills, which can be complex and challenging to optimize. Mastering hybrid cloud involves centralizing the management of all cloud costs, providing a holistic view of expenses, and seizing opportunities for optimization and resource reallocation. This financial optimization aspect contributes to the objective of establishing a cohesive hybrid cloud platform architecture by ensuring cost efficiency and effective resource utilization.
4.  The partner ecosystem challenge: Cloud adoption involves managing separate partner contracts, which can lead to fragmentation and lack of alignment. Mastering hybrid cloud requires bringing partners together in a cooperative and aligned ecosystem, operating under a unified strategy for success. By establishing a unified approach to partner management within the hybrid cloud architecture, the objective of cohesiveness is further supported.



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